art as action

When I was at art school, somewhere between reading Homer’s poetry of heroism and the tales self-sacrifice in Weary Dunlop’s War Diary, between watching Top Gun and military vehicles rumbing down our street in convoy, I decided that I wanted to be a man of action – and took myself off to the recruiting office. […]

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Creativity: Stay on the Bus

A creative friend recently pointed me to Australian artist and videographer, Struthess – Campbell Walker. It’s refreshing to find content in the style and language of my homeland. Like most Aussies, Walker calls it how he sees it, and he’s an inveterate storyteller. In this video, Struthless riffs on the ‘Helsinki Bus Station theory’ of […]

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The Sage on the Stage

  The Sage on the Stage is a well-worn trope describing the old-style lecturer delivering content from the podium: a revered actor, deeming to bestow their knowledge upon grateful audience-students. It represents, we are told, everything that is the worst about education. Why, then, if this model is so terrible, do we still buy into […]

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Writing and Power

Burke’s 2008 paper,  Writing Power and Voice: Access To and Participation in Higher Education has been pivotal for me. How my understanding of the issues raised in this paper will translate into practice remains to be seen, but it demands a radical rethink of my epistemological position.   An initial reservation is that my own […]

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2017: My Stuff

I’ve been watching a documentary called ‘My Stuff’.   Young Finnish filmmaker named Petri Luukkainen. Update, 2023: The mystuffmovie website is now defunct (domain name appears to have been hijacked). Appears to be available on vimeo: If you haven’t seen it and wish to, stop reading here. Small moments of ‘reveal’ in the film are […]

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