A Passing

That’s it, then. The candle snuffed. No bells, no accolades. No valedictions forbidding mourning. No alarm rouses the curate for hushed solemnities. The indicator clicks into the streaming traffic and shopfronts lurch open for business.

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Books I Read in 2023

ReadingBabel – R. F. KuangYou Are Not A Gadget – Jaron Lanier40 000 Weeks – Oliver BurkemanThe Cloisters – Katy HaysTuesday Evenings with the Compton Craft Resistance – Kate SollyEarly Greek Philosophy Vol. 3 (Heraclitus) – Laks & Most (Loeb) The Making of Poetry – Adam NicolsonNotes on a Nervous Planet – Matt HaigLord of […]

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Books I read in 2022

Currently Reading: When You Had Power – Susan Kaye Quinn Watching the Clock (Star Trek: Department of Temporal Investigations) – Christopher L. Bennett Pharaohs of the Sun – Guy de la Bedoyere Read in full: Station Eleven – Emily St John Mandel – (also watched tv series) Read this novel. No, really, you NEED to […]

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Getting Started on Mastodon

Mastodon is easy to use. Just don’t expect it to be a clone of Twitter – it isn’t, and like most software or platforms, you’ll need to take a few moments to get oriented. The big difference between Mastodon and other social media is that its membership is split up across multiple servers. This feature […]

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Seven Movies that Made Me

Seven? Are you kidding? Here’s the shortlist, in no particular order: I’ll revise down the track. One thought as I compile this: there are no good movies about art. There are movies about artists’ substance misuse, dysfunctional relationships, and personality disorders, but none that I can think of that are about the journey of being […]

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