On the Transience of Work

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The post linked in this tweet is beautifully written and worth a read in itself, but I want to point out some of the replies: several people comment on the transience of software, and how the code they’ve written is no longer in production, defunct; it seems pointless. The thing is that this is true … Read More

Cleanliness, Godliness and Civilization

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So I watched an action movie set in some war-torn corner of the world, crumbling and dirty; walls not ancient but old and decrepit, the paint not shabby but shitty and ugly. Dead bodies were mostly off the streets but sometimes forgotten in a corner and garbage piled in corners. I’ve often observed that it’s … Read More

Vitamin Pill Zen

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I wrote a bit of a Tweetstorm thismorning, and decided to turn it into a blog post, given my tendency to ragequit twitter and delete posts. The diatribe was inspired by an NYT Mindfulness article (via James Coyne, whose critique of the fad is always worth reading). David Gelles’ observations on the commodification of mindfulness … Read More